Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Seminar Human-Robot Interaction SS2017

Organizers Dr. Markus Rickert; Alexander Perzylo, M.Sc.; Stefan Profanter, M.Sc.; Ingmar Kessler, M.Sc.; Ahmed Rehman Ghazi, B.Sc.; Biao Hu, M.Sc.
Module IN0014, IN2107
Type Seminar
Semester SS 2017
ECTS 4.0
Time & Location Wednesday, 10-12, fortiss, Guerickestr. 25, 80805 München, room ADA (second floor)


The seminar thesis should be handed in to your advisor by the end of July. (31.07.17)

Preliminary Talk (Vorbesprechung)

The preliminary talk will take place on Wednesday, 26th of April 2017 from 10:00 - 12:00 at fortiss, Guerickestr. 25, 80805 München (close to U6 station Nordfriedhof) in room ADA on the second floor.

Topic Assignment

Date Name TopicSorted ascending Advisor
05.07.17 Fabian Werner Kloos Automatic Reasoning Ingmar Kessler
14.06.17 Sabrina Heinrich Human Activity Recognition Alexander Perzylo
28.06.17 Nadine Ghorab Knowledge Representation 1 Ingmar Kessler
05.07.17 Peter Maier Knowledge Representation 2 Ingmar Kessler
07.06.17 Sebastian Löwe Middlewares Stefan Profanter
26.07.17 Vagram Airiian Natural Language Interfaces Alexander Perzylo
28.06.17 no seminar meeting on this date no seminar meeting on this date no seminar meeting on this date
21.06.17 Felix Altenberger Object Recognition 1 Andrej Pangerčič
21.06.17 Florian Philipp Object Recognition 2 Andrej Pangerčič
19.07.17 Fahad Mansoor Physical Human-Robot Cooperation Biao Hu
12.07.17 Juan Du Robot Path Planning 1 Markus Rickert
26.07.17 Rahul Bohare Robot Path Planning 2 Markus Rickert
19.07.17 Julius Imbery Robot Skill Primitives Biao Hu
12.07.17 Dennis Maier Scene Understanding Andrej Pangerčič
07.06.17 Stefan Armbruster Software Architectures Stefan Profanter


In this seminar, various topics are discussed, which are relevant for the interaction between humans and robots, e.g.